Nyaope addict who can guess airtime vouchers when he is high

Nyaope addict who can guess airtime vouchers when he is high

South African mobile networks are frustrated and they are trying to formulate plans to stop a Soweto boy who can guess airtime vouchers every time he is high on the addictive street drug Nyaope.

Hlamulo who is only 18-year-old had been feeding his family by selling airtime vouchers for much cheaper prices than their actual value for two years now.

According to his old sister Hlamu only need to be very high on Nyaope to start guessing air time vouchers and he knows which network he is guessing for before he starts saying numbers.

“I just had to keep a pen and a paper handy whenever he is high, he doesn’t do cheap airtime like R5 and R10 or R12, He starts at R50 upwards and we sell them at 20% discount.

I started keeping a ledger in January and so far we had already made R35 500”

While we speak to his sister Hlumu was obviously high and he suddenly said Vodacom and started a sequence of numbers which turned out to be R55 Vodacom airtime and we paid the only R40 for it.

Police said there is nothing they can charge him for because he obviously did not commit any crime. “If it’s true he uses illegal drugs he could be arrested for possession and use of illegal drugs if we find them on him”

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