Workplace Experience Student

Objectives of Workplace Experience Programme at Tiger Brands :

Enable Tiger Brands to address the shortage of scarce and critical skills. Create a pool of skilled workers with formal tertiary qualifications. Promote the FMCG industry as an industry of choice. Provide practical and accelerated work experience programmes that expose graduates to specific Tiger Brands’ roles. Provide unemployed graduates with valuable work experience and skills to enhance their employability

Graduates Participating in the Graduate Workplace Experience programme must:

– Be available to participate on the Graduate Workplace Experience Programme.

– Be committed to learning and gaining work experience in the relevant field

Duties and Responsibilities

You will have opportunity to be an owner every day as you:

  • Support project work
  • Problem-solve issues
  • Work with a cross-functional team to complete a Workplace Experience project as assigned by your Line Manager 
  • Attain on-the-job work experience aligned with your career aspirations
  • Perform additional responsibilities as requested to achieve business objectives.
  • You would have graduated with the relevant degree as per the job title

Favourable degrees for this programme: 

  1. BTech in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or Industrial Engineering  from an accredited Academic Institution
  2. Human Resources / Industrial Psychology
  3. Marketing/Strategic Communications
  4. Finance related degree
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Food Technology
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Microbiology

At application please ensure that you attach the following documents:

Matric Certificate

Apply here


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